The Love Like Lexi Project exists to provide students with hope, self-worth and purpose as we raise awareness of suicide. The LLL Project's primary focus is to encourage self-esteem amongst students and to provide positive social connections and support within the student's family, peer groups, classrooms and school. Finding hope and community can be a key protective factor for students emotional wellness. 



LLL Toolbox

Five Key Area's

  • Building Purpose and Sharing Hope

  • Building Self-Worth and Empathy

  • Building Strength and Resilience 

  • Building Positive Social Connection and Community

  • Identifying Core Values and Character Development 

The project begins with an assembly where a story of hope is shared. This story has positively impacted thousands of students, parents and teachers by building connection and conversations. After the assembly students are given the opportunity to take part in our LLL Workbook that is designed to build resilience, problem solving, personal reflection and self-awareness. The workbook helps create a permanent positive change to each student individually.  At the end of the project students will have the opportunity to participate in a community Love Project. The Love Project can be completed within their school or community.  The LLL Project envisions schools full of students who are inspired to learn and reach their full potential academically, emotionally and socially.  




What is an assembly?

Hear the "story of hope" in our Choose Life assembly. The assembly is what we like to call the encounter. It's the Heartbeat of the Project. This assembly is impactful, engaging and encourages students to take specific steps towards building positive change within and with others. Students will hear a story of hope from a lived experience told by Lexi's mom. The assembly is a proactive approach to suicide awareness and building empathy for others. At the end of the assembly students are presented with an opportunity to make a commitment (pledge) to Choose Life, Love and Leadership. Students are empowered to become part of the solution. This is an uplifting, positive moment as students see others choosing life and knowing they can too.

What is covered in the workbook?

This workbook consists of five key areas and eight lessons. It is the toolbox that is needed to navigate life's challenges by helping fill them with purpose, empathy, hope and self-worth. Each section will have a purpose driven activity for the students to participate in. 

1. You Matter - Does my life really matter?  


We know many of our youth are struggling with knowing their life has significance. When something they believe brings purpose and meaning to their life ends, they may feel their life no longer matters. True meaning and true significance can come from knowing your life has great purpose that no one else can fill but them. 

2. Social Media Awareness 

We know many are struggling with performance pressure, acceptance and the need for approval. The effects of social media pressure and self-image are also reviewed in this lesson. 

3. Identity - What do I value? And how do I guard my values?

We know many are struggling with too many voices in their lives and also struggling to fit in and are compromising their values in order to do so. Students will identify their unique character traits and personal core values. Students become self-aware of the importance of guarding their hearts and to value the good voices in their lives.

4. Purpose - Can my mistakes or even my pain have a purpose? 

We know many are struggling when having to face pain, disappointment, tragedies or loss. They are struggling to see past those moments and often focus on that pain or loss. Students develop interpersonal skills and will be able to identify the choice we can make in changing our perspective when we are faced with certain hardships in our lives. 

5. A Place to Belong - Do I need community? Why is community important?

We know many are struggling to find community. Students are given the tools they need to build and maintain positive relationships.This lesson prepares those participating for the last part of the LLL Project called the Love Project. 

What is the LOVE Project?

The Project ends with a school-wide service project where any student can choose to participate in. This allows students the opportunity to give back to the community what they have received through the LLL Project. Love is a verb. It is an action word. Students will have the opportunity to give love and serve with love. We partner with several organizations within the community to allow students to experience the significance that comes from serving others. 

Is there parent involvement?

Our program recognizes the important and vital role parents play in the success of this project. Our program involves parents throughout the entire project. We begin the project with a parent assembly. This is where the background, content, and goals of the project are shared, as well as providing an opportunity for questions. Resources and other items are also provided. To facilitate parent involvement, the school/organization will share communication with all parents prior to both assembly dates. 

What does it mean to accept Lexi's challenge to LIVE, LOVE, LEAD?


I choose today to LIVE. I am not an accident. I am not my struggle. The way I see my life shapes my life. I choose life, a life driven by purpose, a life filled with hope for the future.

***Students with strong social emotional skills are better able to cope with everyday challenges.


I am called to LEAD. Everything I do matters. Everything I touch in this life leaves a part of me behind. I can be the difference in others lives. I want to lead those around me positively. I will choose positive influences and role models for my life.

***Students with strong social emotional skills benefit academically and professionally.


I am LOVED. Love begins with me. I can start my own legacy of love. I will speak with kindness. I can make a difference in other peoples lives, but it begins with me first. One act of kindness might give someone the strength to go another day. I will be the change.

***Students with strong social emotional skills benefit socially.